Best Lakes To Fish California

Upper Owens is coming along nicely with some nice trout coming out of this caldera spring creek. The entire river has fish of some sort or another.. Stockers can be found below the bridge.. Further on down toward Crowley Lake, some large lake fish can be found seeking refuge from the algae of Crowley in the oxygen rich waters on the Upper Owens… On above the bridge, my clients have been getting into some great crimson striped wild pointy tailed rainbows.. The river is getting better as the fall temps roll on in.. One can land fish on Hoppers and Beetles #10’s and 12’s. Caddis dries (EHC) in #14-18….Streamers in a couple of sizes larger, try #6 -12 in your favorite streamer pattern..Twin lakes specials are a good place to start or go straight to the double bunny depending on your mood. Nymphing deep with Red Copper Johns #12-16, Red Soft Hackles #14-18, Hares ears and PT’s #16-18 and small San Juans will get you fish all day. Also try small Zebra and Tiger midges in pearl and red..