Upper Owens Fly Fishing Mammoth, California

Hog Rainbow caught on a #16 nymph Nov. 2011

Fishing the Upper Owens recently has been something similar to steelheading in a small, clear stream up north. Large running fish have populated the system in some of the tail ends of large pools and in the depths of the pools themselves. The flow is also low for the Upper Owens at around 80cfs. Fish of all sizes are in the system right now with some really big specimens show up on the end of our fly rodding system. Streamers fished deep along the cutt banks and through the deeper holes will produce violent territorial disputes. Nymphing deep with many sorts of attractor and flashback nymphs will also produce fish here. SJ worms #10-14, Robo Pheasant Tails #16-18, Tung PT’s #16 -18, Hares Ears #16-18 and Zebra and Tiger Midges in #16-18 are just a few samples of bugs to try your fly fishing skill with on the Upper Owens.