Hot Creek Fly Fishing near Mammoth Lakes

Hot Creek Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes CA – 12.7.16

Hot Creek Fly Fishing in Mammoth Lakes has been decent as the newly released citizens are continually getting more accustomed to their new homes in the flowing voclanic aquas of Hot Creek.  Fishing can be actually quite fun here using a light nymphing technique with some standard Hot Creek nymphs. Pheasant tails, Midges and Midge Emergers, Small Caddis and Coppers will do the trick. Try these nymph patterns and their Dry counterparts in small sizes for success on Hot Creek.  Some Hot Creek surface activity is noted throughout the system, but nothing constant.  We look forward to seeing what Hot Creek has in store with its recent re-stocking and instant trout population.

Hot Creek Fly Fishing near Mammoth Lakes

Hot Creek Fly Fishing



Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek – 8.23.12

Hot Creek has been fishing well in spite of all the weeds. A Trico hatch comes off in the morning as well as a small number of baetis mixed in throughout the day. Using 6X or 7X Tippit an experienced fly angler can extract many of these trout From the low fish filled waters of Hot Creek. A visual game, one will be able to see each trout he is casting too and pick and choose the fish they want. Hoppers and beetles fished in the pockets in between the weeds morning through evening will also get some definite trout visuals and hookups. Nymphing as usual will work but will result and a lot of weedy flies. RS2 Trico Emergers, Poly Wing Emergers # 18-20, Poxy Back Mayfly #18-20, Small scud patterns will work throughout the day when dropped just a foot or so under the surface. Various hopper and attractor patterns including beetles will work well and you can drop a scud or nymph below it if you want to get more action but be ready for more weedy flies. Look for the Trico hatch for the most action.