Fishing In Bishop Ca

Bridgeport Fly Fishing : East Walker River 9.19.13

Just north of Mammoth Lakes,  Ca the cooler nights have been good to the East Walker River and it’s surrounding. The water is cooling and the fish are starting to act a little happier.  Although flows are low water temperatures have dropped marking the beginning of the beginning of the season.  The River is divided into various runs and pools and should just become healthier and healthier as the fall comes bit by bit.  Small midge patterns in poly wing and bead head patterns in various colours continue to take fish.  #18-22 T-Midge in pearl or olive,  #18 Flash band Midges and poly wing emergers in lighter shades are just a few patterns to take fish consistently in the East Walker.  Streamers and small Mammals?  It can work at the East Walker!