Another beauty of a Trout caught by STM Fly Fishing

Young man holds up brown trout from dripping Waters of upper Owens

STM guide Seth C. doing what he’s best at!

The life giving flowing waters of the Upper Owens River are in amazing fishing condition! Flows are relatively above average and clear while weed growth is way down. In most dark and deep runs, holes, riffles, and pockets there is a likely chance of a large, or very large Trout with your name on it!! The flies are the same as my last report (SJ Worms Variations, Some Egg patterns,  Soft Hackles, ect.)with emphasis on the anglers choice of waters to fish and how much time to spend and each piece he chooses. The Upper Owens is just starting to show Fly Fisherman the fantastic future it holds for us this winter…